Saturday, June 25, 2011

girls night in

So last night, was the perfect night in. H was going out with the boys and I had plans with a friend. But then I thought about the day we had planned today... a boutique, the swimming pool, the gym, and then a movie. And then I thought about how I needed to finish some housework and have some alone time before today. Plus I thought last night and all day today might be bit overkill for one friend. So I texted her and said that i was staying in but that we'd continue our plans today. She said great. So I get the house clean, pop me so low cal popcorn, make me a low cal mocktail, and settle down for the ending of the mentalist when H calls. He says 'did you call js?" No why-was my reply. I just wanted to make sure you called her, instead of staying in and watching TV. Seriously? It's your guys night out and your worried about whether or not I hang out with my friend. I dont get him. If I was a recluse and never did anything but watch TV I'd get it. But I am more outgoing than he is. I am always planning parties, and yet he treats me like a person who has no friends. I have more than he does! He actually meets girls at work, and tells them to call me to hang out. Its weird. I'd like to make my own friends. And then he wants to know if I am texting/calling/emailing the girls he "set" me up with. IS this creepy? Because I think it is. Not to mention-it drives me crazy. And whats of the biggest reasons that my galfriends start to act weird around me and him is him. He's off-putting. They've told me. Why cant he just mind his own friend business, and let me handle mine.

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