Saturday, June 25, 2011

girls night in

So last night, was the perfect night in. H was going out with the boys and I had plans with a friend. But then I thought about the day we had planned today... a boutique, the swimming pool, the gym, and then a movie. And then I thought about how I needed to finish some housework and have some alone time before today. Plus I thought last night and all day today might be bit overkill for one friend. So I texted her and said that i was staying in but that we'd continue our plans today. She said great. So I get the house clean, pop me so low cal popcorn, make me a low cal mocktail, and settle down for the ending of the mentalist when H calls. He says 'did you call js?" No why-was my reply. I just wanted to make sure you called her, instead of staying in and watching TV. Seriously? It's your guys night out and your worried about whether or not I hang out with my friend. I dont get him. If I was a recluse and never did anything but watch TV I'd get it. But I am more outgoing than he is. I am always planning parties, and yet he treats me like a person who has no friends. I have more than he does! He actually meets girls at work, and tells them to call me to hang out. Its weird. I'd like to make my own friends. And then he wants to know if I am texting/calling/emailing the girls he "set" me up with. IS this creepy? Because I think it is. Not to mention-it drives me crazy. And whats of the biggest reasons that my galfriends start to act weird around me and him is him. He's off-putting. They've told me. Why cant he just mind his own friend business, and let me handle mine.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Thank you Universe. I repaired my car and saved up money to go visit my family and go to my friends shower, and an hour before our destinatiion-H hits an elk. Now we dont have a car. We had to purchase a ticket home. And I will be walking everywhere. I better lose some weight from this!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I never thought I'd say this but I am addicted Glee. I am watching season 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rat Race

I am so sick of the thick grueling race we are all running to try and get ahead. Every year for the past 3 years H has paid hundreds of dollars to take tests, and get scores, and grades, and recommendations sent to schools to apply for a grad program. This year he was put as alternate at three schools that messed up his application-they all said the same thing-he would have gotten in had they realized their error. Then the one school he finally got into estimated 16,000 dollars for a year are turning around and saying that we have to pay 24,000 for the year. ?@#! Seriously, you don't just drop a bomb like that once we accept the offer. It's actually going to be cheaper to go to a private university. The kind that are 'for profit'. What has the world come to? Everyone wants a bigger slice, and a bigger slice. Everything is so competitive, so costly, and for what...a job that maybe might pay 20,000 more. If you are lucky enough to get a job. AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Those things we love to do, eat, watch, etc when no one is looking. Perhaps we are embarrased by them, perhaps others we know don't like them, or maybe we just enjoy the indulgence because 'we're not supposed to'. Anyhow here is my list of guilty pleasures that get me through life because I enjoy them...too much.

1)This blog. There is something to be said about keeping harmless secrets. I have to erase my history every time I come here least someone I know figures me out...
2)chocolate:cliche-yes. Ruin my diet-sometimes. sinful, indulgent, ecstasy, almost orgasmic-hell yes.
3)wearing things that bother my loved ones. Fashion is so based on perception, taste, trend, and shallowness that sometimes its fun to see someone get their panties in a wrinkle because you wore something they thought was ugly. For example, H thinks anything pink or frilly should be burned-so sometimes I make a point to where it-just to say screw you-I look pretty in pink!
4)shopping-I love looking at beautiful things. What women doesn't and although I know its all unimportant-its still fun to see yourself in something, feel the texture of beautiful cloth, spend a little, walk around the shops, and make a statement. Its how women have exposed their feelings for hundreds of years,
5)pedicures-I'd pay for one every week. I hate dealing with my feet. I'd much rather pay someone else to make them pretty.
6)popular fiction-growing up all i read was literature, literature, and more literature-It was a necessity and a luxury-but then as an adult I started picking things up like sophie kinsella's shopaholic, hunger games, the Host. Silly, entertaining, and distracting. Plus its fun to know what all the talk is about. But of course Jane Austen and Shakespeare still rule my world- this popular stuff is a happy little jaunt.
7)ebay-oh you devil
8)getting my hair styled-I have such unruly hair. I like letting someone else do it.
9)Mandy Moore's latest album-cheesy-but the words get to me.
10)Fish tacos- We are vegetarian at home-so i sneak my fish when H isnt around
11)mochas-I don't need the sugar, caffeine, or milk-But oh how I love it-with a huge dollop of whip cream and cinnamon sprinkles.
12)naps-I never felt guilty about this one until I got married and H thought it was lazy. And now that I have a daughter...well its really hard to squeeze one in.
13)Archer-watch an episode and you'll see what I mean.
now whats yours....

The 4 hour Body

So lately I've been reading alot. Yay! My most recent conquest is the 4 hour body. Its an interesting diet/lifestyle change to say the least. I don't know how many people could live off beans, veggies, and meat 6 days a week. But he says two things that really got me...
"I'm a diet coke whore"
"some women eat peanut butter like a heroin addict"
I plead guilty to both.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

confession #6-closet fashionista

Yes. I love fashion. I love cute, beautiful, feminine, charming things. But I also hate it. It costs too much money, and time, and doesn't help humanity. I know. I'm a total hypocrite. But now that we've established that. Lets talk about the things I do like to wear. Recently, I have been into shoes. Probably because its spring, and I need some spring shoes. Also, I am in the process of shedding baby weight and still dont feel thin enough to go shopping for new clothes. Nor do I need any clothes. So I checked out a few websites that let you take a "shoe style quiz" to find your style.
I was very disappointed! Almost none of the shoes were my style. So I decided to find my own.

These are what caught my eye:

and these

And the ones listed above. I want florals-neutrals, light pinks. open toes, espardilles, casual and pretty. I like flats and wedges. none of these ridiculous platforms, and spike heels. I am going on spring picnics people. So take that shoedazzle! I can pick out my own shoes.