Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Those things we love to do, eat, watch, etc when no one is looking. Perhaps we are embarrased by them, perhaps others we know don't like them, or maybe we just enjoy the indulgence because 'we're not supposed to'. Anyhow here is my list of guilty pleasures that get me through life because I enjoy them...too much.

1)This blog. There is something to be said about keeping harmless secrets. I have to erase my history every time I come here least someone I know figures me out...
2)chocolate:cliche-yes. Ruin my diet-sometimes. sinful, indulgent, ecstasy, almost orgasmic-hell yes.
3)wearing things that bother my loved ones. Fashion is so based on perception, taste, trend, and shallowness that sometimes its fun to see someone get their panties in a wrinkle because you wore something they thought was ugly. For example, H thinks anything pink or frilly should be burned-so sometimes I make a point to where it-just to say screw you-I look pretty in pink!
4)shopping-I love looking at beautiful things. What women doesn't and although I know its all unimportant-its still fun to see yourself in something, feel the texture of beautiful cloth, spend a little, walk around the shops, and make a statement. Its how women have exposed their feelings for hundreds of years,
5)pedicures-I'd pay for one every week. I hate dealing with my feet. I'd much rather pay someone else to make them pretty.
6)popular fiction-growing up all i read was literature, literature, and more literature-It was a necessity and a luxury-but then as an adult I started picking things up like sophie kinsella's shopaholic, hunger games, the Host. Silly, entertaining, and distracting. Plus its fun to know what all the talk is about. But of course Jane Austen and Shakespeare still rule my world- this popular stuff is a happy little jaunt.
7)ebay-oh you devil
8)getting my hair styled-I have such unruly hair. I like letting someone else do it.
9)Mandy Moore's latest album-cheesy-but the words get to me.
10)Fish tacos- We are vegetarian at home-so i sneak my fish when H isnt around
11)mochas-I don't need the sugar, caffeine, or milk-But oh how I love it-with a huge dollop of whip cream and cinnamon sprinkles.
12)naps-I never felt guilty about this one until I got married and H thought it was lazy. And now that I have a daughter...well its really hard to squeeze one in.
13)Archer-watch an episode and you'll see what I mean.
now whats yours....

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