Wednesday, April 6, 2011

confession #6-closet fashionista

Yes. I love fashion. I love cute, beautiful, feminine, charming things. But I also hate it. It costs too much money, and time, and doesn't help humanity. I know. I'm a total hypocrite. But now that we've established that. Lets talk about the things I do like to wear. Recently, I have been into shoes. Probably because its spring, and I need some spring shoes. Also, I am in the process of shedding baby weight and still dont feel thin enough to go shopping for new clothes. Nor do I need any clothes. So I checked out a few websites that let you take a "shoe style quiz" to find your style.
I was very disappointed! Almost none of the shoes were my style. So I decided to find my own.

These are what caught my eye:

and these

And the ones listed above. I want florals-neutrals, light pinks. open toes, espardilles, casual and pretty. I like flats and wedges. none of these ridiculous platforms, and spike heels. I am going on spring picnics people. So take that shoedazzle! I can pick out my own shoes.

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