Monday, March 21, 2011

All Dolled Up

Felt really good this morning getting ready this morning! A-because I slipped into my jeans, proving that stubborn baby weight is finally coming off...and B- my daughter and look very fashionable for a fraction of the cost:
My ensemble Baby clothes
Gap Trouser Jeans-ebay 10 dollars strawberry onesie-Ross 2.00
Anthropologie top-Goodwill 5.00 pink floral cord cardigan-once upon a child-.99
dior perfume-sample 0 dollars corduroy overalls-olive outlet 15.00
dior lipgloss-ebay 10.00 hairbow-homemade 1.00
lia sophia lacey earrings-ebay 10 dollars strawberry socks-gymboree .99
beige satin flats-Ross 4.49

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