Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confession #3

I think J is crazy. Literally insane. If you don't know who J is-well she is the person who brought me into this world. I love her with all my heart- But sometimes she says things and my only response is... blink, blink. I know she has stolen prescription meds from family members. She lives on FB. And texts-don't get me started. too late
Normal day 8am-incoming text: hi. honey...
:30 incoming text: picture of squirrel
9:00 incoming text:aren't you glad your not in Japan
10:30 :why haven't you commented on my FB page
11:45 Please comment on my Fb page
3:30 I think your sister is misbehaving
430-she ran away
return text: m-she is 30. stay out of her life
7:00 did you see my latest post on FB-I think M needs to change yep Dad is coming. Oh my-saw the best movie-are you okay?

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