Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zumba obsession

I've loved zumba ever since my college roommate pulled out the dvd about a decade ago, and invited me to work out with her. I tried to find a class in every city I lived there after, but it wasn't until the last five years, that I could find just about everywhere. I love it, I dance it, I've even taught it a few times, and want to get certified. I know alot about it, but what I don't know is why Grand Rapids, MI produces tons of youtube videos. What goes on in GR? Can I move there? Is it the magical land of continuous dance parties? I am not complaining. In fact, I will share my two favorite coreographers with whom I have a personal zumba date every night via my lappy. Oh the sweet splendor of booty shaking in my knickers.. Glad H isn't around, he would find it both bizarre, and foreign. He just doesn't understand that workouts don't have to include trainers or a running trail.
Here they are Miss Tara from GR, MI

And Miss Mandy from the same-this song is sort of naughty...fancy that JTimberlake!
The best part of this gal's videos is the tall bloke in the corner. You go dude!

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