Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are building a religion

perhaps you wouldn't guess it from first glance but I am very religious. I was born and raised in a church (which one isnt very important to this post) and I am still an active member of that community. H, however is not. He was raised in the same church, but finds himself disconnected from it. He finds fault with it. The trouble is, he wants me to agree with him. He wants me to read all the same books as him, have the same revelations, feel the same way, in essence experience his experience in the same way. That wouldn't even be possible if I agreed with him. We are different people, with different experiences, different mindsets, different connections to the world, to God, to ourselves. We're different genders for crying out loud. We cannot be the same people. We must live according to the morals, perceptions , and beliefs of our conscience. I hope he may come to a peace, a deep rooted peace that permeates the very harmony of the universe and God to know that he IS. He is divine, and it is enough. For this life it is for us to discover that. I have further beliefs than that, that dictate more, but these will keep us partners and friends. I truly believe that.

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