Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dream a little dream...

What is it with guys and naughty dreams? Why do they have them all the time? Why do they freak out when they do...and more importantly why do they feel guilty when they see that person? H will never tell me about with whom he is shacking it up with in these dreams. I don't care, I'm not jealous of a night time fantasy. I look forward to the ones with movie stars that I have. Hee hee hee. Is he afraid he'll actually cheat on me because its someone we know? That's ridiculous. I trust him. He says those kind of dreams mess him up, and I'm thinking did you murder her afterwards, was it a guy? Did you do something so kinky even you're not okay with it. And he says no to all of the above-so I'm pensive for a moment, and then I say-so what's the big deal? Its not like you've taken an illicit drug. You certainly haven't cheated on me. And if it messes with you so badly-discuss with a therapist. Oh men, and there constant chain to passions. Its just an emotion. Completely chemical. Chem 101 baby! Stop freaking out, and move on!

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