Friday, March 25, 2011

secret wish #3

A cruise. Okay. maybe it doesn't need to be secret. But H considers this one of the worst vacation options just before Disneyland. Which I love FYI. But I don't really want to go with someone who is going to be a poo-poo cry baby and whine and complain that we're not doing something more exciting. I want to go on a cruise with my daughter and some of my girlfriends. Maybe even just my girlfriends. I want to get pampered, massaged, pedicured, suntanned, and fed vegetarian gourmet on a platter. I want to dance away to zumba all night. i want to see tropical islands. I want to enjoy silence. Okay ladies-who wants to come with?

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Now that would be telling... said...

Confession, I suscribe to a cruise line website. And I check it regularly.